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The Climate Hoax Book Reviews

Don Shelby:

5.0 out of 5 stars A Real Conservative’s View, February 18, 2012 
By Don Shelby – See all my reviews

This review is from: Exposing The Climate Hoax: It’s ALL About The Economy (Paperback)

John P. Reisman knows the difference between a liberal and a conservative. And, in this explosive book, he turns the tables on those who hold the most “conservative views” on the science of global climate change.
They are not conservatives, in his view. Worse, he says, they are really liberals. Reisman knows the science and arrives at the inescapable conclusion that human’s and our fossil fuels consumption are the drivers of global warming. But, science books explaining the cause and effect relationship are abundant. It isn’t the science Reisman wishes his readers to understand, so much as the impacts. Reisman’s conservative bona fides are unassailable. So, he speaks directly to conservatives in language conservatives understand, the Lingua Franca of the economy. Reisman knows the science is clear. He draws a direct line between the known science and our wallets. While others have attempted to connect the dots, Reisman is the first to do it so convincingly. Forget rising sea levels, he tells us. Stop worrying about that for now. What we should be worried about is the continuation of our way of life. The interruption of the hydrologic cycles, the desertification of our productive croplands, our ability to support ourselves in a changing climate are his concerns. If we don’t make changes, Reisman says, capitalism is skating on thin ice. How certain is he that the science is correct? Toward the end of the book he offers a wager of $100,000.00 to any reader who can prove the assertions wrong. It is the only thing in the book that might be considered outside the bounds of conservatism.
Reisman is valuable as an author. He may be more valuable to the future as a political leader. He has my vote.

Steve Zwick:

5.0 out of 5 stars An Important Work, February 18, 2012
By Steve Zwick (Chicago, IL, US) – See all my reviews
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This review is from: Exposing The Climate Hoax: It’s ALL About The Economy (Paperback)

If you’re skeptical about climate science and big government but only have time to read one book on climate change, this is the one for you. It will make you see the economy in a whole new light.

It’s an ambitious and intentionally provocative work that addresses everything from the nature of science itself to the psychology of denial to the economic consequences of doing nothing (which are many times the cost of addressing it now). It channels everyone from Karl Popper and Thomas Kuhn to Carl Sagan, William Safire and Mr. Wizard.

You’ll find this book especially helpful if you’re confused by all the talk of natural cycles and other potential contributors to climate change, or if you don’t like what you’ve been hearing about the IPCC. Reisman — a true conservative in the Eisenhower tradition — addresses these issues in part by addressing the pseudo-science that has been flooding the internet.

The book is broken into chapters covering science, economy, energy, environment, security, psychology, fraud, and policy — but these issues often bleed into each other, in apart because of the systemic approach the author takes to them.

He focuses his economic analysis on global agricultural production and the consequences for the economy and national security if we start to hit agricultural and economic tipping points.

“Not unlike the Romans, we feel insulated and safe from resource scarcity because our direct experience is that the food and water is flowing, so what is there to worry about?”

The answer, unfortunately, is: plenty. Because once the agriculture sector goes haywire, everything that’s built upon it will follow suit.

And everything is, in fact, built on it.

Steve Zwick:

Climate Change: What Would Eisenhower Do?

Steve Zwick,, January 12, 2012

John Reisman believes that most Americans are, at heart, old-school conservatives – rational people with rational solutions to real-world problems.  Liberals, he says, are the ones who believe in fairy tales and wishful thinking.

“The conservative perspective has traditionally been steeped in responsibility, accountability, and pragmatism,” he writes in Exposing the Climate Hoax: It’s ALL About The Economy (2011, Lyra Books, ISBN: 978-0-9839231-0-7, 569 pages). “Conservative thinking regarding our economy is what will start to get us out of this mess.”

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