Lyra Books Vision

The world has always been complex. It is only since the birth of cities and efficient agricultural practices that the luxury of space has afforded humankind the time required to recognize that complexity. It is apparent that much of this understanding occurred over the Holocene period and major advancements in the capacity for understanding were fomented with the development, 4,000 years ago, of the scientific method.

Since the industrial age, our view of the complexity has become more in-depth and precise. With the advent of information and communication technology, which places the power, of what in the 1950’s were large rooms full of computational systems, into the hands of individuals…, we see ever greater power to learn and grow through information sharing.

In order to grow, we need to understand…

Advancement is often a two edged sword. Our ability to manage and maintain ourselves in relation to all that surrounds us is still in the hands of the mind of mankind’s ability to understand, innovate and adapt. Lyra Books hopes to continue the path of exploration by coalescing and simplifying the views in order to enable meaningful understanding of the complexity and enhancing manageability and progress.

Just as teachers had to upgrade from slate to chalk boards, from the abacus to calculators, pencils to pens, and paper to computers, so must we, the human race, adapt to our fast changing reality based on our interaction with our world and each other. We must advance our understanding to take what is learned in the details and formulate strategic visions that can be the foundations of what we hope to be a better, or less chaotic, future.

Lyra Books is a New Jersey Corporation.

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